About Us

Health comes first. We all want to know the health issues that affect us and our loved ones. In pacientedoc.com we try to make the experiences and answers of specific cases serve as useful information for others.

The service pacientedoc.com is an electronic publication on the Internet with the aim of disseminating health information for the reader. It is edited by its medical team, which brings its experience and knowledge on the different specialties of medicine. Although specific “doctor’s consultations” are published, pacientedoc.com’s blog IS NOT A MEDICAL CONSULTATION; if you require a doctor’s response for your specific case, you can use the paid medical consultation services that exist on the Internet or offline.

The information provided in this way cannot, in any way, replace a direct health care service.

This publication is intended to be useful to the visiting public, and is intended to be self-financing through advertising and sponsorship.

Thank you for reading!